Partners In Network


Partners in Network hosts weekly meetings where successful business professionals throughout the Tampa Bay area can get together, promote their businesses, and provide each other with quality business referrals. PIN is comprised of multiple chapters, each meeting weekly. Days, times, and locations vary among chapters, making it easy to find a weekly meeting that fits your schedule. The cost is a dollar a day.

Founder, Ken Fernandez, has been in sales for over twenty years. During his time as an account executive with GTE, now known as Verizon, he was the number one sales representative in the country. He achieved his success through networking. He now offers other business professionals that same opportunity. Through PIN, he shares his experience to help you succeed by showing you how to network for profit and generate quality business referrals, not just leads.

We all know there are a lot of networking groups out there. What sets PIN apart is that we treat members like professionals. We realize you are busy and we respect your time. Weekly attendance is encouraged but not mandatory. We understand you may need to miss a meeting in order to close a business deal. We also do not limit your memberships with any other networking groups, as our goal at PIN is to help your business grow rather than hindering the growth of your business by putting a strain on your existing relationships. The primary focus of PIN is on building relationships and supporting one another, not just closing a transaction. As a result, PIN members walk away from each meeting feeling grateful to have established relationships with other professionals who become their disciples, spreading the word about their products and services. At PIN, we firmly believe it is more effective to have 20 to 30 other well respected business professionals endorsing your product or service, rather than to aggressively market it on your own.

Come join us and attend one of our meetings. You will make friends, create new contacts, have fun, and make money.

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