Gottlieb, Zachary – Consultant (e-commerce)

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Consultant (e-commerce)
Laigle Business Group
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Laigle Business Group was formed to help small to medium businesses compete in their markets. Image is everything in our fast paced world, and your image is created on the internet. Our purpose is to support your business in a way that keeps your name in the forefront rather than other third parties. We provide you with the tools and resources to help you be effective online, take advantage of new technology, and add new markets. As business owners ourselves we understand that time is precious so we strive to do our part in making sure that you have as much time as possible.

There are many companies which you could choose, but there are none that will be more interested in helping you succeed. Our business model is simple – help make your business profitable so that you will be excited about spreading the word. No amount of advertising can rival a positive referral and we want to not only earn your business, but also earn your brag.

Laigle Business Group provides businesses with opportunities to grow their revenue by providing self-branded services. Our drive is to make companies of all types more connected to the community by placing local names first and the community more engaged in those businesses through loyalty programs.

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