Partners In Network

Meeting Structure

Partners In Network (PIN)

“Linking Business Professionals Together”

Meeting Procedures

1. President begins the meeting promptly on time by greeting and welcoming members of the group and introducing himself. At this time, the President also introduces any Chair(s) and/or other persons in positions and collects sign-in cards completed by guests.

2. President requests that those in attendance turn off all electronic devices to avoid distractions during the meeting. As a friendly reminder, the President asks the group to kindly respect their fellow members by not texting, taking calls, or responding to emails during the meeting.

3. Mission statement is read aloud: Partners In Network is a group of professional men and women, one specializing in each area of business, who form a connection for the joint effort of networking to share business referrals and attain business prosperity.

4. This Chapter meets weekly at the same date, time, and location.

5. President explains the concept of Partners In Network – PIN: Where professionals connect and form a bond to achieve their common goal of business growth.

  • Each chapter meets weekly for one hour, after the 15 minute “meet & greet”.
  • Our primary purpose is to exchange qualified business referrals. A qualified business referral is a potential customer or client who is in need of and who has the resources to obtain a member’s product or service. This potential customer/client expects to be contacted by the member within 24 hours.
  • PIN members are organized, driven, and dedicated in their support of one another.

6. President introduces guests. Each guest will have one minute to explain the product or service they represent.

7. President introduces member speakers. Each speaker will have 10 minutes to talk about and promote his/her business.

8. President asks guests to pass their business cards to the left. Simultaneously, the President provides guests with a binder from which they may pull existing members’ business cards.

9. Announcements: President inquires of the group as to whether there are any events open to the business community, member open houses, etc.

10. Mystery Guest: President notifies members of the $1 fee if they did not shake this person’s hand.

11. The Auditor is called upon to give a 60 second speech on the speaker’s business before continuing on with his own infomercial.

12. President instructs members and guests that during their infomercials they should include testimonials, thank you(s), and offer referrals based on their own experiences. President also reminds them to explain their ideal business referrals as specifically as possible and to pay professional fees due.

13. President begins circulating the bucket around the room to collect professional fees owed and copies of business referrals. At this point, he will read the list of professional fees to remind members of their responsibilities. The President also presents his 60 second infomercial. Presentations continue with each member taking a turn as he/she receives the bucket.

14. President thanks guests for attending and encourages them to join Partners In Network (PIN). Those interested in joining should speak directly to the President after the meeting.

15. Two inspirational thoughts for the week are provided by the next week’s speakers.

16. President reminds members:

  • Please discuss our speakers and what you learned today with the first 3 people you meet today.
  • Be sure to bring a guest to the next meeting. Invite as a guest a person who you trust could become a contributing member.
  • Consider which member you will have a referral for next week.
  • Members are encouraged to schedule one-on-one sessions with fellow members at the close of the meeting.
  • President concludes the meeting, wishing members success.
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