The primary focus of PIN is on building relationships and supporting one another. We firmly believe it is more effective to have a network of respected business professionals endorsing your product or service, than to aggressively market it on your own.

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Meeting and Chapters

PIN is comprised of multiple chapters, each meeting weekly for breakfast or lunch. Days, times, and locations vary among chapters, making it easy to find a weekly meeting that fits your schedule. Each chapter welcomes one member per business category, negating any sense of competition among the team. Each hour-long meeting is preceded by 15 minutes of “meet and greet”, where members and guests network and prepare for the meeting. When the meeting begins, members sit down together and break bread.

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During each meeting, all members present their one-minute pitches (commercials) and give thanks to their fellow members for referrals and closed business. Recognizing members for their referrals heightens morale and encourages others to seek out referrals for their fellow members.

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Every week a member is assigned the role of speaker and has the floor for 10 to 20 minutes to present more on themselves and their business. This is a great opportunity to educate fellow members on your business so they know how to provide you with qualified business referrals.

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A key component of PIN is the one-on-one meeting between two members. This is where two members get together before, after, or outside of the meeting to get to know each other better. This boosts comfort level and trust. A one-on-one should be treated like a business appointment. Research your partner’s business ahead of time and arrive at the meeting with questions prepared. Have bullet points prepared to discuss pertinent aspects of your business and how your partner can provide your ideal referral.