About PIN

Founder Ken Fernandez has been in sales for over thirty years. During his time as an account executive with GTE (now Verizon), he was the number one sales representative in the country. He attained his high level of success through networking. He now offers other business professionals that same opportunity. Through PIN, he shares his experience to help facilitate referral based growth in your business.

Through his
involvement with other networking organizations, Ken learned what worked and what did not work.  Drawing from his experience, he took the principles of professional networking he found most valuable and created Partners in Network.

The heart of
PIN is what sets it apart from other networking organizations.  We are like family.  Members enjoy a professional yet relaxed networking environment in which we all work together to achieve the common goal of generating referrals that lead to business growth.

PIN treats members like adults. We realize you are busy and we respect your time. Weekly attendance is encouraged and you will get the most from PIN when you consistently attend meetings.  However, we understand you may need to miss an occasional meeting and there is no penalty for the occasional absence.  If you have to miss a meeting, we encourage you to send a colleague or guest in your place to represent you. 

PIN does not limit or frown upon your memberships in other networking organizations because our ultimate goal at PIN is to help your business grow.  Limiting your involvement in other networking organizations would only restrict that growth.