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Hooks, Kevin – Recruitment

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Hooks, Kevin – Recruitment

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First Name: Kevin
Last Name: Hooks
Company Name: MomSource Network
Cell Phone: 813-344-3011
Business Category: Recruitment Agency

In 2010, Courtney was a new mom who was lucky enough to return to a corporate employer that valued her professional experience and education enough to encourage the work/life blend that was required for her to be successful at home and at the office. It was through conversations with many other mothers (both working and stay-at-home) that a discovery was made: We don’t want to have it all–but we do want to have a little of both. Believing that parents do truly deserve better than the all-or-nothing career choice they are faced with, the MomSource journey began.

After conducting interviews with both moms and employers it was confirmed what we always knew:

Many individuals would love to use their professional experience and education in the workforce provided they can still prioritize family.
Modern employers are searching for new ways to recruit top talent and they are willing to embrace flexibility to help reach those candidates.
Both candidates and employers are excited to embrace an organization that can facilitate those connections.
MomSource has grown into a fully-inclusive network of candidates committed to supporting one another along their flexible employment journey and via our personal and professional development workshops. As time passed and our mission evolved, we began to realize that flexible employment resonates with people in many stages in life. Though the MomSource was founded out of a need experienced by many moms, our mission is to find any qualified candidate flexible employment. We work with moms, men, millennials, retirees and any other person who prioritizes flexibility when choosing an employer.

Our mission is huge but humble: To Change the Way that Americans Work!

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